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Woodturning by Robbie Graham


Wood: Pohutukawa
Other materials: Copper and Copper patina Height: 250mm (9-7/8")
$ US $ NZ

Toru (Means three in Maori) Number 17 of my tripod series. The piece is a three-sided vessel and is a multi axis turned piece using tree centres top and bottom. Wall thickness about 2mm in the centre and about 10mm on the edges. The copper legs are turned, sanded then textured with a small ballpein hammer.
Pohutukawa Metrosideros excelsa
Found along the coasts north of Kawhia and Opotiki. There a few around Lake Taupo thought to have been planted by the Maori. It is a large spreading tree with horizontal-spreading branches and grows to a height of 20m and a trunk of up to 2m through.
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