Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham

Releaf VIII

Hollow Vessel
Wood: NZ Beech sp?
Length: 290mm (11 -1/4")
Thickness: 4mm
$1,150 US $1,500 NZ

This is the Eighth piece in this series.

First piece for the year!(2008)
This piece is very similar to my last releaf. Someone fell in love with releaf VII after it was sold at our last exhibition so I suggested I could make another with some changes and send photos when finished. The main leaf is airbrushed green instead of blue and I pierced the centre forming a leaf pattern rather than just having a hole. It was my first go at piercing and I think it worked out ok but it would have been easer if it had been about 2mm thick instead of 4mm. The piece of wood had a few bug holes in it, I had thought of filling them but decided to leave them, which would give the piece more character.

There is very little carving done on this piece, only two of the wings are carved off and the top is blended to get the flow over the top.

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