Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham

Releaf 4

length: Length: 390mm (15-3/8")
Height: Height: 100mm (4")
Wall thickness: 3 to 10mm (1/8 t0 3/8")
$ US $ NZ Sold

This piece of Rewarewa was a little bug eaten so I thought it would be a good piece for my next releaf piece. I turned it out of an oblong block this time and removed the back legs to give it a more realistic leaf look.
After sanding to 600 grit I airbrushed it with green acrylic. It is polished with a waxed-based polishing compound removing all the paint leaving what had penetrated the wood. The raised veins are textured with pyrography and then polished. Wood: Rewarewa

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