Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham

Ragged III

Wood: Black maire
Height: 225mm (10")
Diam: 200mm (8")
Finish: inside lacquer over airbrushed black and gold acrylic. Haarlem oil on the outside.

This piece is the third in this series. I started this last Dec from a very wet piece of Maire, turned it wet to 10mm thick caved the feet then microwaved it slowly over about seven days. It sat until the end of Jan before doing the dremel and arbortech work. I have finally gotten around to finishing this piece. I finished the inside black this time to add contrast to the piece as some people like to see the natural wood be the main feature. When I posted Ragged II someone suggested it wood look better with out being flat across the top so I decided to make this one ragged on the top edge as well. I think it gives it an overall better look. The only problem I have is now that the top is ragged it looks a little like Marcel van Berkel work, which I hadn't seen before starting this series.

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