Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham

Holey Smoke 2

Wood: Black Maire
Height: 100mm (4")
Length: 305mm approx (12")
$ 400 US $650 NZ

Hollow Vessel

This idea came about at the Feilding Collab in Jan 2007. Rex Haslip and I collaborated together on a piece, he turned the base of a vessel and I finished the top. The first piece was textured on the inside with pyrography and burnt with a propane torch and that is how it got the name Holey Smoke.

Holey Smoke 2 is made out of a similar piece of Black Maire with lots of bug holes but instead of burning the inside I burnt the top. The piece is turned as a hollow vessel with a 25mm hole then textured using an arbourtec, burnt, sandblasted then oiled and polished.

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