Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham

Releaf IX

Wood: Wood: NZ Beech species unknown
Length: 300mm (12")
Width: 125mm (5")
Height: 75mm (3")
Wall thickness: 3mm
Finish: Pyrography, iridescent paint blue and green. The unpainted wood is oiled with Haarlem oil polished with EEE.

This is the ninth piece in this series.

I started this piece at the Lake Taupo Woodturning Jamboree in earlier this month and have only this weekend had time to finish it. I softened the edges on this one and I'm very happy with the result. The wings are about 1.5 - 2mm thick. I have left more of the top natural this time for those who like more wood showing and less texture and paint. The vessel part of the piece is about 4mm thick so the piece is very light.

This piece received Supreme Award, Woodturning Category at the Franklin Art Awards June 2008

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