Wildwood Gallery

Woodturning by Robbie Graham


Wood: Kauri
Length: 320mm (12-1/2")
Height: 130mm (5")
Wall thickness: 3mm (1/8")
$900 US $1,200 NZ sold

It is based on a Pittosporum seedpod, which is about 6mm (3/16") in length. It is a multi-axis turned piece with three sides then carved in side and out. After the carving and sanding I sandblasted the whole piece. I have learned quite a lot about the proses a seed goes through when it opens making this piece. It is sanded with steel wool oooo then finished with Haarlem oil.

Kauri Aganthis australis
This species grows up to 30m in height and a 3m diameter trunk. Found from Northland to Tauranga.

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