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Wildwood Gallery
141 S.H.1 Waitahanui,
Lake Taupo 2736
New Zealand
ph/fax: 64 7 377 0469

Hours: 10am - 5pm
Wednesday - Sunday
or by appointment.

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Wildwood Gallery Guest Comments

David DeGriselles

Checked out Wild Wood Gallery, since you went through the trouble of fixing it up and all. I like it, shows off what you two do. I knew you did photography and some woodworking, and you knocked it out of the park. I like your metal work, the Vine, pretty cool. Saw the photos of you working at it, but the picture here does it justice.

I'm a little questionable about the Crossing, here in the states it would be a liability lawsuit just waiting to happen. I like it, just wouldn't advise it over/up here.

Rob van der Sluijs
Absolutely stunning your work BRAVO, a dutch woodturner in Canada

Kay Boreham
I am living with paintings Kawakawa and Deep in the Forest and loving them immensely. Thank you. Kay

Liana Monteith-Redmond
You guys continue to amaze me. Love you new look and feel website and all the new pieces you have both been busy doing.

Bill Manfield
Saw the link on the wood site through Wood Turners/Carver MSN. Your paintings are something else & beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.
John Richardson
Just came across the site ... really beautiful work. I'm just starting out on my journey into wood turning and am really hooked.
.. and what a fantastic location!
Best regards,
Tom Niemeier
Can that really be the view from your studio? A dream of mine is to ship my Harley to NZ and tour for 1-2 months. I'll do this when I win the lottery:). Really like your website and your work. WoW member and sent you an email trying to discover all your secrets.
Shannon Webb
Really like your flowers, great colors.
Owen Caughley
Great site excellent work well done!

Charles Acheson
I am very impressed with your work I have been woodturning for 20 yrs myself and can appreciate the work in your pieces. My email adress is

Paul Taylor
Congratulations Robbie & Sue! You had the courage to pursue your dreams. I remain impressed with the exceptional talents you have both nurtured. Great work! Be Happy!
See you when I can. p.s. Good to see the WEB site.

WOW! you guys are both REALLY good at what you do. Sue I thought your water paintings were photographs (that's how real they look) & Robbie your works are amazing you turn wood beautifully. You both do great credit to the world with your talents.

Greetings from Bethlehem The Holy Land,
My name is Ghasan Taher I'm looking for someone who might be interested in olivewood, I really enjoyed visiting your web site.Your work is Beautiful. I would like to compliment you on your woodturnings. "Fantastic Work" :) Have you ever worked with Olive Wood?

Keith Towe
I liked your lidded boxes, I have made a couple not unlike these only I included hand forged Wrought Iron ( from old Wagon Wheels ) for the scroll finials. We are having Gareth James, the barefoot blacksmith from the Sth Isle coming over to Port Macquarie to run a master class next month.
Regards Keith

Marshall Gorrow
Robbie, I enjoyed a visit to your website. You have a nice variety of very well done turnings! Thanks for sharing with those of us online!